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Wow. I have not played this yet, but it is EXACTLY the kind of game I’d been looking for!! I did dabble a bit with D&D, but thing is a good GM is pretty hard to find and I live in a very small rural town, plus all GMs I know are busy with their families and jobs and gathering together for a session can get pretty difficult. So I was looking for a rpg where a GM wouldn’t be necessary, and sharing the role of a GM sounds like exactly the kind of compromise I was looking for. Plus, this system sounds a lot more customizable and lightweight than D&D. And I absolutely love how much freedom this system grants! From what I gather, I could make my character anything, as in any race, and with some creativity I could adopt races from other games too and adapt them for this world. 
It’s amazing, i’m already a fan!! Can’t wait to see whether there are updates and what they’ll be like. And of course, I can’t wait to play it with my siblings and nephew. <3 

Thank you so much for your kind words! I keep coming back to this game in my head but usually don't have the time to touch it up at all. That might change in the future, though.

I am also interested to hear how your game(s) go! Feedback is always valuable, especially on a game with as many moving parts as this one.